Mark Jenkins

Head Trip

Sometimes the toughest climb is out of your mind and into your own animal skin

The Ghost Road

Winding a thousand miles from India to China, the Burma Road was built to defend China in World War II, but the atomic bomb made it irrelevant and the jungle reclaimed it. Mark Jenkins vowed to do...

Hot on the Trail

Australia's first great adventure was part Lewis and Clark, part Donner Party—searing proof that fame is a four-letter word

Misery Loves Company

In 24-hour mountain-bike races, riders bond over singletrack and sleep deprivation. What's not to like?

Beyond Belief

In Bhutan's pristine alpine sanctuary, even a heathen climber can see the light

Up the Creek

Canoeing the jungles of South America, where freedom is a family affair

Learning Curves

The process is the point. But just try telling that to your younger, untutored, world-conquering self.

Unbroken Chain

Every adventurer knows those magical moments when it all flows—and those wretched times when it won't

The Stone Mirage

For two credulous seekers, dreaming of the lost big-wall treasure of the Sierra Madre Occidental is better than the real thing

Split Decisions

When the weather turns ugly and conditions get rough, every mountaineer must make the ultimate choice: storm the summit, or call it quits.

Drop the Weight of the World

Camp overnight or camp all week. We've got the gear to let you go fast and light under blue skies or gray.

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