Mark Jenkins

Suffering a Sea Change

Who knows best the cost of rowing solo across the Atlantic? She who finishes last.

Winter to the Corps

The marines' mountain warfare training center is the ultimate test for some of the world's toughest troops: a make-it-or-leave regimen of backcountry ski combat, torturous night maneuvers, and deadly...

A World of Hurt

Injury, pain, the psychology of recovery, and getting back on the trail

Better Shape Up

Once a nation of adventure-athletes, America is getting fatter by the day.

Burma or Bust

A half-mad dash to Hkakabo Razi seemed like a good idea at the time. And hey, how tough can it be to sneak past the Chinese Army?

Bleeding Hearts

With an armed scout for for protection, our man seeks out rare ibex, wolves, baboons, and signs of hope along cliff-edged trails in the formerly war-torn mountains of Ethiopia.

Seismic Shift

He was packing for a trek through roughest Afghanistan when the world shook. Sometimes adventure has to wait.

King of the Dirtbags

Going core with Yvon Chouinard—leery capitalist, walking contradiction

That's Entertainment

Scenes from the Gorge Games, and looking for the new face of adventure

Spin the Globe and Go

Why travel to remote places? Why bother with the hassle, the expense, the danger? Because it's actually cheap, intoxicating, and easy.

Voyage Between the Wars

Some peaceful recreation on a journey from Gallipoli to Troy, where the echoes of war never die

Companions in Misery

A cold mountain, a mismatched pair, and a meditation on the strange chemistry of partnership

Breathless Heights

If you want to get high, there's still a price to be paid for invading the towering ranges—despite some newfangled shortcuts

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