Bruce Barcott

Bruce Barcott


Sizing Up Sally Jewell

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell has an impressive résumé. Oil geologist, banker, president of REI. But today's Washington is a landscape without maps, and in this age of climate change and keystone,...

author david quammen nine mile prairie lincoln nebraska outdoors one person one human male adult man portrait daytime looking at camera rural scene

Gone Viral

Where will the next great pandemic come from? David Quammen's new book dives into the science of illness in search of an answer.

Joe Baran Mount Rainier Bruce Barcott Benjamin Barnes

The Devil on Paradise Road

Last January, after shooting four men in Seattle, a former Army specialist drove to Mount Rainier National Park with an arsenal of deadly weapons and murdered a ranger. Bruce Barcott recounts one of...

E.O. Wilson

Burning Men

E. O. Wilson has a surprising take on how humans conquered the planet

The Big-Shake, Big-Wave Theory

If a megaquake like the one that hit Japan last march were to strike the U.S., the Pacific Northwest coast would be the likeliest spot.