The Editors

After the Crash, Part 1

What do you do when you’re addicted to adrenaline but confined to a wheelchair? So much more than people expect.

Next Year's Most Exciting Ski Gear

Taos Ski Valley was recently hit with 24 inches of fresh snow, so we headed up to test some of the new gear you'll be seeing in shops next fall. We hiked Kachina Peak (elevation 12,481) and skied...

The Everest Effect

Myles Osborne was poised to summit Mount Everest when a flapping of fabric caught his eye. He thought it was a tent—then it spoke.

The Secret to Happiness? Simplify.

You're addicted to your phone. You're loaded down by useless stuff. And you eat like a teenager. No wonder you can't find the time to play outside, see the world, and get in shape. Fortunately,...

The Best Advice We've Ever Given

In honor of Outside's 40th anniversary, we're selecting our all-time favorite gear, advice, accomplishments, and people. This month, we rounded up the best advice we've given on everything from...


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