Mike Kessler

Mike Kessler

Mike Kessler is a Los Angeles journalist who has twice been named as as a finalist for the National Magazine Award (2008, Public Interest; 2012, Reporting) and has won or been nominated for several awards from the City and Regional Magazine Association and the Western Publishing Association.


The National Parks Have a Serious Youth Problem

A new initiative gives complimentary national park access to every fourth-grader in America. Can a class field trip turn kids into lifetime fans of the outdoors? Mike Kessler hops on the yellow bus—and endures high-decibel Bieber sing-alongs—to find out.

Mike Kessler
Jun 7, 2016

Insane in the Membrane

The iconic brand Gore-Tex is under siege from newcomers who want a piece of the billion-dollar market for waterproof-breathable fabrics. The battle is both wonky and intense, complete with arcane science, trade secrets, industry flame wars, and confidential government-run investigations on two continents. MIKE KESSLER steps into the wet room.

Mike Kessler
Mar 7, 2012

A Farewell to Pants

Parting with your favorite pants can be such sweet sorrow.

Mike Kessler
Dec 28, 2010

Roadmonkey Adventure Philanthropy is the latest outfitter to specialize in "voluntourism," that sometimes contrived marriage of far-flung travel and community service. MIKE KESSLER checked out one of their new cycling trips in Vietnam. Initially, he was skeptical. Now? He works for the company.

Mike Kessler
Dec 2, 2009

The Vengeance of the Aspen Bomber

For almost 70 years, former ski patroller and local legend Jim Blanning rode Aspen’s evolution from broken mining outpost to chic mountain playground. But when his hometown spit him out, he came back with a vengeance. And bombs.

Mike Kessler
Apr 28, 2009

Ryan Hall has been touted as the savior of American distance running since 2007. So when's he going to win a race?

Mike Kessler
Apr 13, 2009

The DNC horde has left and Denver is its old relaxed self again. Use it as your launchpad for a weekend in Grand County.

Mike Kessler
Sep 2, 2008

What are you waiting for? All you need for an unforgettable adventure is a little inspiration—and some inspiring information. The world awaits, so go on then: Get lost!

Kate Wheeler, Stephanie Gregory, Kimberly Lisagor, and Mike Kessler
Jan 1, 2000