Hampton Sides

Hampton Sides

Outside editor-at-large Hampton Sides's book about George Washington De Long's expedition, In the Kingdom of Ice: The Grand and Terrible Polar Voyage of the USS Jeannette, is published by Doubleday.


Aksel Svindal


Aksel Svindal has three Olympic medals, two World Cup titles, and the affections of fellow ski racer Julia Mancuso. But can he transcend the sport and become the next Hermann Maier? HAMPTON SIDES...

Ferrara in Aspen, October 2010

The Man Who Saw Too Much

Aspen’s Michael Ferrara is bringing attention to a little-known problem: post-traumatic stress disorder among the people who save our lives.

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls Plays Dirty

How does a guy go from hardcore adventurer to (mega-famous) television hero without losing his head? By playing himself.

Swim Mississippi River

Anyone for a Dip?

Since I was a kid, I've been warned that the mighty Mississippi is a deadly stew of swirling eddies—and that swimming across it is oneof the stupidest things a person can do. Naturally, I...

Dude... I Mean Dad

I remember the exact moment when I realized I'd finally lost my firstborn son to the clutches of the cult.

canyon de chelly

The Place Where Two Fell Off

Chasing tall legends for his new book, Blood and Thunder, Hampton Sides takes a wild ride deep into one of the most sacred spots on earth—Arizona's Canyon de Chelly

Lance Armstrong prepping


Lance's 2003 Tour victory was almost a loss–in his own words, he "dodged a bullet." This year the Tourminator is plenty fit, a little less furious, and hungrier than ever. A revealing interview...

Caribbean Ruins

License to Chill

Ten handpicked resorts that are rich in sun-drenched beauty, high on adventure, and fine-tuned for luxury.


With exploding ratings and a new book—not to mention a wardrobe makeover!—can anything stop wildlife-show host Jeff Corwin?

The Birdman Drops In

What's it like defying gravity for a living? It's pretty sweet, bro. The mega-life of TONY HAWK.

The Wild File

Will death rays from outer space doom mankind? What's a sun dog? Why are polar bears so darned mean?

Thinking About Machine-Man

"He is for sure not one of us," says a teammate of ski racer Hermann Maier. "He is beyond this world," says a former gold medalist. "He is a beast," they say, and finally, "He is the beast."