Steven Rinella

Steven Rinella


Hikers: Stop Hating on Hunters

If the outdoor industry doesn't embrace hunters and anglers as political allies in conservation battles, we all lose

Steven Rinella
Oct 15, 2018

Till Boredom Do Us Part: The Outside Guide to Love in 4 Chapters

How to find a partner who shares your passion for living bravely, build a relationship fueled by adventure, and keep happiness alive through kids, career changes, and really bad wipeouts

Luke Dittrich, Steven Rinella, Susan Casey, and W. Hodding Carter
Nov 7, 2016

Why You Should Absolutely Sweat the Small Things

When you're outdoors, you tend to worry about grizzly bears, sharks, and mountain lions. But the real dangers are the parasites and microbes you can't even see. Steven Rinella has been felled by the worst of them, and he offers an essential guide to prioritizing your panic.

Steven Rinella
Jun 29, 2015

An ax that’s as practical as it is refined

Steven Rinella
Oct 15, 2013

A Love Affair With Freeze-Dried Food

Artisanal and organic are wildly overrated when you have a bag of freeze-dried food to cook up after a bitterly cold backcountry day. So says Steven Rinella, who reveals his love affair with mummified grub.

Steven Rinella
Mar 6, 2013

The Joys of Cabin Living

Want to know what domestic bliss looks like? A rundown cabin with no electricity on the edge of rain-soaked Alaskan wilderness.

Steven Rinella
Jan 29, 2013

The Head on My Shelf

For years, outdoorsman and hunter Steven Rinella dreamed of felling a Dall sheep, North America's most difficult game animal. After seeing his friends come home with horns of their own, in this excerpt from his new book, Meat Eater: Adventures of an American Hunter, he went all in and booked a trip to the Alaska Range.

Steven Rinella
Aug 13, 2012

Fatherhood and the Great Outdoors

Outside's best writers share their thoughts on fatherhood and nature-bonding with Dad.

Steven Rinella, Ian Frazier, Marc Peruzzi, and Mark Singer
May 9, 2011

Cay Party

What do the world's most rejuvenating island escapes have in common? Empty sand, lonely surf, and new adventures of the strangest kind.

Steven Rinella, Kyle Dickman, Sam Moulton, Elizabeth Hightower Allen, James Sturz, Bonnie Tsui, John Bradley, Kate Siber, The Editors, and Riley Blanton
Oct 4, 2010

Grand Theft Cattle

In the range wars of the 21st century, the cattle rustler runs Ponzi schemes and the lawman drives an SUV. STEVEN RINELLA joins the new posse.

Steven Rinella
Jun 10, 2010

Steven Rinella
Jan 6, 2010

A glimpse into the mind of a man who has spent 26 years in pursuit of the ultimate gizmo.

Steven Rinella
Sep 29, 2009

Go to Argentina and find the best steak on earth, we told him. It was a dream assignment for our favorite swashbuckling gourmand—until he found himself staring into el ojo de la vaca.

Steven Rinella
Mar 17, 2009

The Brotherhood of the Very Expensive Pants

Brit Eaton is the best of a curious breed of fortune hunters combing old mine shafts and barns across the West for vintage denim. He's discovered $50,000 worth of clothes in a single day, and his clients include Ralph Lauren and Levi's. STEVEN RINELLA joins him on a search for the blues.

Steven Rinella
Jan 6, 2009

Wild Roads

Steven Rinella
Sep 9, 2008