Steven Rinella

Steven Rinella


Where does a week of doing nothing add up to something great? On a road trip down the still-wild spine of Baja, in search of secluded beaches, the best fish taco, and a much-needed dose of adventure.

Steven Rinella
May 5, 2008

Because his conservation philosophy shaped our wild lands

Steven Rinella
Feb 25, 2008

Denis Johnson takes on Vietnam

Steven Rinella
Aug 23, 2007

They're more than 13,000 years old, priceless, and maybe the best evidence yet of the first Americans. Traveling to remotest Alaska, STEVEN RINELLA goes digging for history before it's too late.

Steven Rinella
Aug 1, 2007

In search of brawn, courage, and enlightenment

Steven Rinella
Jan 17, 2007

When he landed a rare permit to hunt bison deep in the Alaskan wilderness, our fearless forager thought he'd be living out a childhood dream. Wild buffalo, hungry grizzlies, nearly fatal hypothermia—what more could a grown man ask for?

Steven Rinella
Nov 1, 2006

Thomas McGuane is back, with a dazzling story collection about strong-willed guys, mysterious women, and stark realities on the range

Steven Rinella and Bruce Barcott
Jun 15, 2006

...And another feisty pescado in Argentina's Ibera Wetlands

Steven Rinella
Apr 27, 2004


Katie Arnold, Dan Oko, Kimberly Lisagor, Ted Stedman, Amy Marr, Wendy Knight, Janine Sieja, Sarah Max, and Steven Rinella
Jan 15, 2004

Ready to take up the challenge of reviving the bloody old days of classic haute cuisine? Steven Rinella bites.

Steven Rinella
Jan 1, 2004

Here's the Beef

Steven Rinella, Sally Schumaier, Tim Sohn, Ki Bassett, Stephanie Pearson, Rob Story, Marshall McKinney, Kimberly Lisagor, and Tucker Teutsch III
Jul 1, 2003

In the dark of winter, monsters lurk near the glow of Seattle. And man, that's when the jigging's good.

Steven Rinella
Dec 1, 2002

Past and Future Collide on the Class V Rapids of the Philippines' Chico River

Steven Rinella
Dec 11, 2001

Casting for bonefish in the mangrove-choked lagoons of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula

Steven Rinella and Granville Greene
Oct 1, 2001

Slicing through the waters that brought you the beast that inspired Jaws, Montauk’s shark hunters search the Atlantic for their cold-blooded, man-eating prey. It’s the brutal Mako Mania tournament, where old salts and paying customers harry a dying breed of monsters. Where the stakes are huge, the sharks are bigger, and the fishing is absolutely to di

Steven Rinella
Jul 1, 2001