Brad Wieners

Brad Wieners


Iceland isn't the only place to revel in Nordic madness. Once the rest of Scandinavia has made it through another winter, the residents start to vibrate...they grin...they regress...and turn positively Viking. All you need to know is where and how to tap

Brad Wieners
Jun 1, 2002

At the First Church of What Happens Next—MIT— a NASA-trained engineer and his stable of whiz kids are jump-starting the future of outdoor gear

Brad Wieners
Apr 1, 2002

Want some sound business advice? Go climb a mountain. Hey, it's what all the savvy capitalists are doing these days.

Brad Wieners
Aug 1, 2001

Thanks to improved safety standards and tandem flights, scores of acrophobes are giving hang gliding a second wind. And now, they're soaring in style—over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Brad Wieners, Bruce Barcott, Bill Vaughn, Jim Benning, John Clarke Jr., Michael McCullough, and Jason Daley
Feb 1, 2001

With a little help from the Web, the urban exploration phenomenon gains momentum

Brad Wieners
Jan 10, 2001

The brutal Southern Ocean has seen more races this year than ever before. Here's why.

Tim Zimmermann, Brad Wieners, Michelle Pentz, Kevin Fedarko, and Ki Bassett
Jan 6, 2001