Eric Hagerman

The Soft-Shell Game

Your prescription for matching next-generation outerwear with your favorite winter pursuit is ready

Lance Armstrong

Force Majeure - Lance Armstrong

SATURDAY AFTERNOON IN AUSTIN, TEXAS, the warm air pungent with pollen, the sky sharp blue, the grass plain brown. Good day for a bike race. You're standing in Walnut Creek Park, a terraced ramble...

The Cool Sellout

After its triumphant coming-out party in Salt Lake City, American snowboarding faces a bright future. Is that a good thing?

Trail Hound

Speed hiker Ted "Cave Dog" Keizer has a blistering dream: to climb 140,000 vertical feet in the Adirondacks—in five days

He Ain't Your Sherpa

There's nobody more qualified to drag you to the top of the world than Babu Chiri Sherpa. And he'll gladly do it. But when he's through, he's got some business of his own to attend to. Namely,...