Philip D. Armour

Philip D. Armour


You need to learn your lesson! So listen up to Mike Roberto, a fast-talking consultant who uses the '96 saga as a teaching tool for students, lawyers, and businessmen.

Philip D. Armour
Aug 15, 2006

Norwegian fishermen call it an honest day's work. Greenpeace calls it a violent crime. The issue is the annual hunt for North Atlantic minke whales, a plentiful species that, every spring, gets harpooned by the hundreds and then sold in Norway's seafood aisles. Who's right? As PHILIP ARMOUR learns during a voyage aboard the whaleboat Sofie, the truth isn

Philip D. Armour
May 1, 2006

From Italy's classic Sella Ronda to a new peak in the French Pyrenees, here's a primo selection of the best skiing on the continent

Rob Story, Philip D. Armour, and Bernice Notenboom
Dec 14, 2004

Our big roundup of supercool North American ski hills serves up 20 rides of your life—and tells you where to kick back in style

Elizabeth Hightower, Stephanie Pearson, Rob Haggart, Jeremy Spencer, Seth Masia, Rob Reed, Monique Ryan, Tim Neville, Tom Price, Bonnie Tsui, Philip D. Armour, Cameron Walker, Ki Bassett, Kevin Max, Christopher Solomon, and Janine Sieja
Dec 9, 2004

Philip D. Armour
Dec 1, 2004

Ten North American spas that will recharge your mind, body, and soul

Jason Daley, Leslie Weeden, and Philip D. Armour
Jan 1, 2004

Twelve value-packed Caribbean resorts where your room comes with a view—and killer perks, too

Philip D. Armour
Dec 11, 2003

Philip D. Armour, David Wolman, Elizabeth Hightower, Eric Pfanner, Peter Oliver, and Dougald MacDonald
Nov 1, 2003

Ten lodges where you can take it all in, and then launch an expedition out the back door

Robert Earle Howells, Peter Guttman, Dina Mishev, Charles Wohlforth, Tim Neville, Philip D. Armour, Misty Blakesley, Rob Story, Monte Burke, and Amy Marr
Apr 1, 2002

Ski resorts that give you the best of both worlds

Philip D. Armour
Jan 18, 2002

Exploring the beaches and islets of the forgotten Jumento Cays, where sharks, drug runners, and fishermen rule the waters—and not even the captain knows where he's going.

Philip D. Armour
Oct 25, 2001

Go overboard this summer on 32 of North America's wildest waterways

Peter Heller, David Cates, Stephanie Gregory, Cristina Opdahl, Sam Moulton, Philip D. Armour, and Tom Bie
Jul 1, 2001