Natasha Singer

Natasha Singer


Northwest Passage, the Arctic

Break On Through

The dream of a Northwest Passage linking the Atlantic to the riches of Asia has driven explorers and visionary adventurers for centuries. With climate change in the air, Natasha Singer braves the...

Find Eden Now . . . and Save it for Later

What is this thing called ECOTOURISM? (Besides the glimmer of hype and a dash of greenwash, that is). Here's the good news: When it's done right, it's nothing less than THE FUTURE OF TRAVEL.

The Green Awards

Four travel outfitters that are doing it right

These Pants Saved My Life

Grab a pair of XXLs and head up to Talkeetna, Alaska, where Carhartts aren't just the clothes the plumber wears and every year the populace gathers to swap tales of heroic trousers and death-...

My Iceland Obsession

Only on this remote North Atlantic island do you find such glorious quirks as tolting ponies and entire villages of sleep-deprived puffin chasers