Tim Cahill

The Shame of Escobilla, Part II

On the Trail of Antonio Suárez: The slaughter of turtles on a beach in Mexico threatened to wipe out a species. Then the man behind it all made a mistake.

Terror Unlimited

You have nothing to fear except falling, suffocating, heart failure, personal extinction—and, of course, fear itself

World Without End, Amen

When you're baffled by bad beginnings, stymied by the unteachable, and running from impending doom, you'd better head for the hills

Everybody Loves the Assassins

Set loose in the land that invented terrorism ten centuries ago, Tim Cahill finds crumbling castles, legends of hash-smoking hit men, and Iranians who won't stop being nice. You call this the axis of...

Life's a Wild Trip

We've learned a lot in a quarter-century of roaming the planet. This month, to kick off Outside's silver anniversary, we've chosen 25 bold, epic, soul-nourishing experiences that every true...

Here, Sharky, Sharky

In the seas off South Africa's Dyer Island, shark mania and risk adventure have combined with a vengeance. For a few bucks, one of a gang of ill-qualified, ill-equipped dive operators will drop you...

Floating the Mighty Free and Easy

A Flotilla of Stouthearted Men and Women Confronts Hissing Snakes, Weird Rocks, Flat Water, and the Greatest Mud in the West; or, What I did on My Summer Vacation

Giants in the Earth

Times were good in Castle, with full employment and a booming economy. But it only took 72 hours to send prosperity down Main Street and into oblivion.

What About Atlatl Bob?

He's named for a Stone Age weapon. He may be nuts as a bunny. But sometimes it's nice to have a Neanderthal at your side.

Shed His Grace on Me

Grace is the love and mercy that God visits upon sinners. She is vexing. She is unmerited. She is amazing. Alas, she also has a rather unfortunate penchant for shedding, drooling, and begging for...

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