Rob Story

Rob Story


These days, cutting-edge expeditions often happen because gear companies believe there's promotional gold in the combination of top outdoor athletes, dream adventures (like skiing first descents in the mountains of Antarctica), and cool Web images from the bottom of the world. Does it work? Heck if I know. But it sure was fun being a content provider.

Rob Story
Mar 15, 2010

Ski tourists flock to the Haute Route of France and Switzerland. But ROB STORY and his buddies wanted more, so they skinned, pisted, off-pisted, and got pissed all the way across the westernmost Alps—with a little help from 59 lifts and Hunter S. Thompson.

Rob Story
Dec 10, 2008

At least that's what veteran action photographer Tony Harrington told us. So when he assembled a team of world-class athletes and brought them to a secret spot in New Zealand where you can ski and surf in the same day, we agreed to send a writer. Too bad he never mentioned the midgies.

Rob Story
Apr 1, 2008

It goes like this: Chuck your reputation as America's greatest downhill skier, shred big lines in Alaska, tear through the X Games, then weigh a return to the Olympics in a wild new event.

Rob Story
Dec 27, 2007

Who rules the freeskiing world of big air and deadly steeps—The technical European perfectionists or the up-all-night American hot-doggers? We brought Micah Black and Dominique Perret, the stars of each continent, to British Columbia for some head-to-head competition. No excuses. No exceptions. No slowing down. And the winner is...

Rob Story
Mar 1, 2006

The New Alps

Here's why ten Winter Olympics have been staged high in the Alps: James Bond glamour, beautiful slopes, and raging après—ski that lasts till 3 a.m.

Peter Oliver, Kate Siber, Rob Story, and Bruce Hildenbrand
Feb 1, 2006

From Italy's classic Sella Ronda to a new peak in the French Pyrenees, here's a primo selection of the best skiing on the continent

Rob Story, Philip D. Armour, and Bernice Notenboom
Dec 14, 2004

Rob Story
Nov 1, 2004

The highest points in heartland states like Kansas and Iowa aren't much to look at, but when you knock off seven of them in a four-day, 3,000-mile blitz . . . well, let's just say the little bastards have a way of kicking back.

Rob Story
Mar 1, 2004

Here's the Beef

Steven Rinella, Sally Schumaier, Tim Sohn, Ki Bassett, Stephanie Pearson, Rob Story, Marshall McKinney, Kimberly Lisagor, and Tucker Teutsch III
Jul 1, 2003

Get a fresh perspective on the Old Country: pedal, paddle, skate, and hike in these eight ruggedly charming European outposts

John Fox, Neal Thompson, Rob Story, Brad Wieners, and Andrew Taber
Jun 1, 2003

Ten lodges where you can take it all in, and then launch an expedition out the back door

Robert Earle Howells, Peter Guttman, Dina Mishev, Charles Wohlforth, Tim Neville, Philip D. Armour, Misty Blakesley, Rob Story, Monte Burke, and Amy Marr
Apr 1, 2002

SAR tales from veterans who were there.

Rob Story
Jan 2, 2002

How to pull off a bike tour on your own two wheels.

Rob Story
Jul 25, 2001

How did a mellow, mop-haired, lackadaisically unfashionable snowboarder achieve freeride immortality? First he lifted his carve to a fine art. Then he linked turns down impossibly steep terrain on some of the planet's highest peaks. Now he bucks industry trends, eschews money, and foreswears fame. But most important, he just rides.

Rob Story
Feb 1, 2001