Elizabeth Royte

Elizabeth Royte


Canis Soup

When a young woman is killed by coyotes on a busy trail in broad daylight, how worried should we be?

Elizabeth Royte
Feb 8, 2010

The Omnivore's Solution

Sustainable-food guru Michael Pollan is back—this time, with a plan. Sort of.

Elizabeth Royte
Dec 26, 2007

The Lost World: Found

Exploring the back of beyond in Bolivia's Parque Nacional Noel Kempff Mercado

Elizabeth Royte
Mar 4, 2002

Shadow in the Trees

An assault by Frodo, one of Jane Goodall's big-screen chimps, results in the death of an African child

Elizabeth Royte
Jan 11, 2002


The Outside 25 All-Stars, December 2000

John Brant, Rob Buchanan, Jonathan Hanson, Nick Heil, Brad Wetzler, Florence Williams, Elizabeth Royte, Karen Karbo, Bruce Barcott, Peter Heller, Rob Story, and Craig Vetter
Dec 1, 2000

Hawaii Gung-Ho

The Pacific Rim's most explosive endurance sport combines speed, pain, and ancient tradition

Tim Zimmermann, Catherine Elton, Eric Hansen, Gretchen Reynolds, Elizabeth Royte, Paul Kvinta, and Marc Peruzzi
Jan 1, 2000

Pumpkin Wars

The World Pumpkin Confederation and the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth have beef. This is the story of the moment one of them made history.

Elizabeth Royte
Feb 1, 1997

Holy Chiroptera, Batman!

Partners of witches? Souls of the dead? Suckers of blood? Knee-deep in guano in a rank Texas cave with the man who knows the shocking truth about bats

Elizabeth Royte
Oct 1, 1995