Elizabeth Royte

16. Louise Hose

The Outside 25 All-Stars, December 2000. #16 Louise Hose

brush wolf

Canis Soup

When a young woman is killed by coyotes on a busy trail in broad daylight, how worried should we be?

The Lost World: Found

Exploring the back of beyond in Bolivia's Parque Nacional Noel Kempff Mercado

Shadow in the Trees

An assault by Frodo, one of Jane Goodall's big-screen chimps, results in the death of an African child

17. Göran Kropp

The Outside 25 All-Stars, December 2000. #17 Göran Kropp

Leaving a Trace

Paul Petzoldt, wilderness giant, left behind an indelible legacy

Holy Chiroptera, Batman!

Partners of witches? Souls of the dead? Suckers of blood? Knee-deep in guano in a rank Texas cave with the man who knows the shocking truth about bats