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Job Swapping

Career ideas (and time off) for burned-out workers

Ethanol Fuel

Making ethanol is a bit like following a recipe from an old Farmer's Almanac: Grind corn into flour; add water and enzymes to turn the flour into sugar; add yeast until you have a syrupy concoction;...

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Take a hydrogen atom, comprised of one proton and one electron. Strip the electron and run a car. That's the basic premise behind the energy efficiency crowd's latest craze, the fuel cell—a unit...

Straight Vegetable Oil

"Do you want to push it?" 33-year-old Kathy NiKeefe asks from the driver's seat of her 2001 VW Golf TDi. I lift my hand toward a button on the dash labeled "veggie switch" in cut-out letters. Once...

Italy's Grand Finale

If it's Riviera glitter you're after, head to Monaco. But for endless climbing, epic singletrack, and wild seacoast adventure, set a course for Finale Ligure.

Gas/Electric Hybrids

Hybrid vigor has long been a trusted tenet of biology: Cross a shiny red tomato with a frost-resistant tomato, and chances are you'll get a superior offspring that's both beautiful and cold hardy. A...

Water in the Balance

SPLASH FIGHTS: Water issues chronically become water wars. Here are some collisions in progress—from bang-ups over how to divide spoils to clashes over big cleanups—that need to be resolved...

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