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Shanti Sosienski

Shanti Sosienski


A determined cadre of femme filmmakers launches skateboarding's next revolution

Shanti Sosienski
May 1, 2005

They've paid their dues, mastered their game, and pushed the limits. And this year, they've been blowing our minds. Meet the new icons of cool.

Dimity McDowell, Grayson Schaffer, Ryan Brandt, Kate Siber, Elizabeth Weil, Jason Daley, Jason Stevenson, John Bradley, Shanti Sosienski, Daniel Glick, Mark Sundeen, Christopher Solomon, Rob Haggart, Florence Williams, Maria Coffey, and Kevin Arnold
Dec 1, 2004

Expedition: Paragliding the Andes Teams: Will Gadd, Chris Santacroce, Othar Lawrence 0bjective: Fly Over the Spine of the Andes Duration: 19 Days Location: Northern Chile and Argentina

Shanti Sosienski
Jan 6, 2004