Megan Miller

Megan Miller


Uruguay's Best Beaches

If you’re looking for white-knuckle South American adventure, stop reading now. Uruguay isn’t Peru or Chile, and it isn’t trying to be. But if you want to lounge on an empty beach for hours, have the...

Megan Miller
Jan 20, 2014

Bloodsport Passport

The classic formula for travel TV usually involves thatch, bikinis, and a star with great teeth. Now, some of those teeth are starting to get knocked out as adventure-program producers attempt to...

Megan Miller
Apr 8, 2008

The Cyborgs Are Coming!

The government’s latest biotech weapon is a stealthy, sweater-eating spy

Megan Miller
Dec 24, 2007

The Next Order: Trends Ahead

Life Is a Spa: The Canyon Ranch

Sally Schumaier, Ki Bassett, Megan Miller, Daniel Duane, Florence Williams, Grant Davis, and Josh Dean
Jan 1, 2005

Sunshine Superman

Withstand summer's deadly rays with heroic, high-tech SPF solutions

Megan Miller
Jun 1, 2004

Hidden Tibet

Skip the well-trodden tourist routes and join this trek through a pristine mountainous area virtually unknown to Westerners.

Megan Miller
May 1, 2004