Bruce Hildenbrand

Bruce Hildenbrand


Want to Keep Roadies Safe? Get Google on It.

If Google has its way, luck won't be a factor in those all too common car vs. bike showdowns in the near future. Much has been written about the company's autonomous cars that replace the driver with...

Bruce Hildenbrand
May 25, 2016

Find Your Winner Here

If we're wrong, we'll eat last year's Floyd Landis cover

Bruce Hildenbrand
Jun 20, 2007

Tour of California Wrap-Up: Landis Snags Overall Win

Our man reports from the scene of the inaugural Amgen Tour of California for what proved to be a major coup for U.S. cycling, with an estimated one million spectators and eight American riders in the...

Bruce Hildenbrand
Feb 27, 2006

The New Alps

Here's why ten Winter Olympics have been staged high in the Alps: James Bond glamour, beautiful slopes, and raging après—ski that lasts till 3 a.m.

Peter Oliver, Kate Siber, Rob Story, and Bruce Hildenbrand
Feb 1, 2006

The Greatest Moments in Tour History

Big Moments 1910 Killer Climb It wasn't until the eighth Tour that race organizers experimented with the first big mountain stages, in the Pyrenees. The 7,000-foot climb up the now legendary Col du...

Bruce Hildenbrand
Jul 1, 2005