Cameron Walker

Cameron Walker



Taking down a dam used to require an act of Congress—or terror. Now it's just good business.

Cameron Walker
Jul 25, 2007

Mountain Hai!

Does staying out until last call make you miss first chair? Stick with sake.

Cameron Walker
Feb 1, 2006

The Axis of Eco

Earth-friendly cool is everywhere, from Hollywood and innovative building design to hybrid cars and candy bars. You live, breathe, and play green already—so why not come full circle by bringing...

Florence Williams, Cameron Walker, Kate Siber, Jason Stevenson, Gordy Megroz, H. Thayer Walker, Kimberly Lisagor, Jason Daley, Catharine Livingston, and Sally Schumaier
Apr 1, 2005

Bamboo Boom

While carbon fiber and titanium are today's much-hyped materials of choice for everything from sunglasses to F1 race cars, bamboo is emerging as nature's own sustainable performance material. The...

Cameron Walker
Mar 1, 2005

We Sing the Slopes Fantastic

Our big roundup of supercool North American ski hills serves up 20 rides of your life—and tells you where to kick back in style

Elizabeth Hightower, Stephanie Pearson, Rob Haggart, Jeremy Spencer, Seth Masia, Rob Reed, Monique Ryan, Tim Neville, Tom Price, Bonnie Tsui, Philip D. Armour, Cameron Walker, Ki Bassett, Kevin Max, Christopher Solomon, and Janine Sieja
Dec 9, 2004

This Stash Is Your Stash

There’s more than one way to take in the adventure and splendor of America’s national parks. So we’re serving up a prize package of SECRET TRIPS—locals’ no-tell favorites,...

Annette McGivney and Cameron Walker
Jun 1, 2004

Let Us Now Praise Crazy Mofos

A 2,360-Mile Swim

Cameron Walker, Michael Behar, Devon Jackson, Brad Wieners, Evan Ratliff, Rob Buchanan, and John Galvin
Jun 1, 2004

Fresh Loot

Take the compact OLYMPUS STYLUS 410 DIGITAL camera on your next surfing trip and stuff your friends' inboxes with four-megapixel photos or 20-second movies—with sound—of that barrel off...

Cameron Walker
May 1, 2004

The Thrill of the Skill

Survival and Wilderness Skills

Cameron Walker, John Bradley, Hal Espen, and Grayson Schaffer
Apr 1, 2004

Room to Om

Exotic journeys, fitness and pampering included

Cameron Walker
Jan 1, 2004