Cameron Walker


Taking down a dam used to require an act of Congress—or terror. Now it's just good business.

Mountain Hai!

Does staying out until last call make you miss first chair? Stick with sake.

Bamboo Boom

While carbon fiber and titanium are today's much-hyped materials of choice for everything from sunglasses to F1 race cars, bamboo is emerging as nature's own sustainable performance material. The...

national park: Joshua Tree National Park

Lead On Me

Want to know where the pros go? Meet eight great guides who will take you to the heart of their favorite parks.

Fresh Loot

Take the compact OLYMPUS STYLUS 410 DIGITAL camera on your next surfing trip and stuff your friends' inboxes with four-megapixel photos or 20-second movies—with sound—of that barrel off...

Stick Together

Get cliquey at a specialty camp—a booming new trend in sports schools

Room to Om

Exotic journeys, fitness and pampering included