Andrew Vontz

Andrew Vontz


Stand Tall

Speed doesn't have to hurt. These "comfort performance" bikes go easy on your back–but not on the competition.

John Bradley and Andrew Vontz
Apr 9, 2008

Stage Fright

Discover the pleasure and pain of pro-caliber climbs with these U.S. mountain monsters

Andrew Vontz
Jun 18, 2007

Come Back, Kid

A life-threatening injury sidelines America's next great hope

Andrew Vontz
Jun 16, 2006

Suite Ride

With on-call mechanics, high-energy meals, and leg massages, boutique bike hotels turn cycling into a destination sport on par with skiing

Andrew Vontz
Jun 1, 2006

Overnight Success

Twenty-four-hour mountain-bike champion Monique Sawicki catches an entire sport by surprise

Andrew Vontz
Mar 1, 2006

Coming Attraction

Is there a "next Lance" in the American ranks? Meet Craig Lewis, a 20-year-old who still has a long way to go but is already turning heads with his physiological gifts and grit.

Andrew Vontz
Jul 1, 2005