Chris Carmichael

Chris Carmichael


Express Train

Staying hydrated is not just about how much you drink; it's also about maintaining a lower core temperature and reducing how much you sweat. (1) While exercising, douse yourself with water to cool...

Chris Carmichael
Jun 19, 2007

Where to Next?

You would think that after three weeks of racing, everyone in the Tour de France peloton would just go home and sleep for a few days. In reality, the cycling season is still in full swing and almost...

Chris Carmichael
Jul 23, 2006

A Very Deserving Podium Emerges

This year's very suspenseful Tour de France finally has a virtually-guaranteed winner! With a technically perfect time trial performance this afternoon, Floyd Landis more than overcame the 30 seconds...

Chris Carmichael
Jul 22, 2006

Time for One Last Dance

After three weeks of drama, the winner of the 2006 Tour de France will be decided by the Stage 19 individual time trial. Floyd Landis is the clear favorite to take the stage and the yellow jersey,...

Chris Carmichael
Jul 21, 2006

Back to the Front

You know, maybe Floyd Landis and Oscar Pereiro are on to something here. The men currently sitting in first and third places overall both overcame seemingly insurmountable deficits to rise back to...

Chris Carmichael
Jul 20, 2006

Contenders Shuffle One More Time

Oh, how quickly things change at the Tour de France. Yesterday, even by Lance Armstrong's estimation, Floyd Landis was the odds-on favorite to ride into Paris in yellow. Tonight he's more than eight...

Chris Carmichael
Jul 19, 2006

The Tour Marches On Its Stomach

The rest days during the Tour de France are a chance for riders to gather their thoughts, replenish their energy, and look forward to the racing yet to come. For the most part, riders stick to...

Chris Carmichael
Jul 17, 2006

Factors Combine for More Broken Bones

It's normal to see dirt and grease on the underside of a bicycle after a long ride or stage in the Tour de France, but after today's stage there was there was road tar stuck to the paint jobs, and...

Chris Carmichael
Jul 16, 2006

Long-Range Survival

You have to be a little crazy to break away from the peloton more than 125 miles from the finish line on a day when the temperature's in the mid- to high-90s Fahrenheit, but today Jens Voigt and...

Chris Carmichael
Jul 15, 2006

There's No Escaping the Heat

Even though today's Stage 12 didn't cross any major mountain passes, finished at a lower elevation than it started, and raced most of the stage in a ripping tailwind, the stage was anything but easy...

Chris Carmichael
Jul 14, 2006

Hot Potato!

The yellow jersey is being tossed around like a hot potato this year, and though Floyd Landis showed the patience and power necessary to win the Tour de France today, the best thing that could happen...

Chris Carmichael
Jul 13, 2006

Good Show Today, Whole New Race Tomorrow

While Oscar Freire, Robbie McEwen, Erik Zabel, and Tom Boonen went hunting for the last sprint stage victory we'll see for a while, the major contenders for overall victory in the 2006 Tour de France...

Chris Carmichael
Jul 11, 2006