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The Wild File: Most Powerful Species

Q. What is the most powerful species? [sidebar img=1482906 | hed=Wild File Salmon][/sidebar] A. You mean like whether a wolverine could take down Nancy Pelosi? Yawn. Today's power animals are the...

Wild File Glen Canyon

The Wild File: Dead Pool

Q. What is "dead pool?" A. Trouble, that's what. Dead pool is the level at which water can no longer be released from a reservoir. Take Lake Powell, on the Colorado River. Glen Canyon Dam's lowest...

Earth Is Hiring

The next great employment wave? Enviro jobs. Now all I gotta do is land one.

Give It Up for the Sun King

MIT's Daniel Nocera has a recipe for taking solar power mainstream. It all starts with a tall glass of water

How Eco-Friendly Are Ski Resorts?

Snow Job?

Carbon offsets are cool, but they don't really make ski resorts eco-friendly. So says the Aspen Skiing Company's Auden Schendler—whether the rest of the ski industry likes it or not.

The Price Is Wrong

If you thought the drilling frenzy out west was temporary, think again. But there's a right way to do it, and it's up to the next president to lead the charge.


Going off the grid, one Gatorade-soaked onion at a time

The Slime Solution

Ethanol is so 2007. The future of biofuels is all about chocolate, chicken litter, and, yes, algae.

The Thrill Is Gone

In 2007, green was the new black. A year later, are eco-celebs and enviro wrist-slappers killing the mood?


Magnetic South

Patagonia's wild peaks and blue glaciers have long been the ultimate lost frontier. Now an American gone gaucho is carving out an incredible new trekking kingdom in Chile's vast, unspoiled Ays�n...

Aspen, Colorado

We Sing the Slopes Fantastic

Our big roundup of supercool North American ski hills serves up 20 rides of your life—and tells you where to kick back in style

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