Joshua Hammer

Joshua Hammer


The Egg Thief

Joshua Hammer tracks one of the most bizarre criminals in modern history.

The Long Captivity of Michael Scott Moore

The German-American surfing writer was kidnapped by Somali pirates in 2012—and held for two years and eight months. Joshua Hammer reports on his imprisonment, the messy, drawn-out negotiations to...

A great white, Carcharadon carcharias, off the coast of South Africa

Shark Bait

Off the coast of South Africa, birthplace of shark-cage diving, attacks seem to happen near areas where dive companies chum the waters to deliver thrilling encounters. Could the practice be...

A Mountain of Trouble

The lush peaks of Iraqi Kurdistan are irresistible to a certain breed of bold backpacker: They're exotic, beautiful, and way off the beaten track. But when three young Americans were arrested by...

Oure Cassoni Camp refugees

Heartbreak. Chaos. Mayhem. Hope?

It's the biggest adventure in the aid world—and by far the toughest. JOSHUA HAMMER takes a hard look at the relief effort in the war-torn nation of Chad, where rebels stage their raids on...


Coca Is It!

Something strange is happening to Carlos Villalon's trousers. We're trekking through a drenching rainstorm in the Chapare region of central Bolivia

Cholmondeley Trial, Kenya

The Kenyan Cowboy

That's what many Africans are calling Thomas Cholmondeley, the scion of Kenya's most famous white family who killed two black men on his vast Rift Valley ranch in the space of a year. But was...

The Yosemite Horror

In a setting of beauty and grandeur, a twisted soul was on the loose, a murderer who revived gnawing fears that our national parks are no longer safe. New evidence reveals the confessed killer's...