Abe Streep

Abe Streep

Abe Streep is a contributing editor at Outside and a contributing writer at The California Sunday Magazine. His journalism has also appeared in Wired, Harper's, The Atavist, The New York Times Magazine, Men’s Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, Popular Science, NewYorker.com, The Southern Review, and elsewhere.


Can Kumi Naidoo Make Greenpeace Relevant Again?

Human-rights superhero Kumi Naidoo has a tough assignment: lead the organization into 21st-century relevance. But after a year that saw activists lionized (imprisoned in Putin's jails) and then vilified (unfurling a banner on Peru's ancient Nazca lines), can he save the day?

Abe Streep
Mar 13, 2015

The Last Hope of the Great White Shark?

Former reality-show skipper Chris Fischer has revolutionized shark science—with a daring system for catching the beasts alive and a radical new research-funding model. During an expedition off the coast of Chile that was interrupted by an undersea earthquake, our man wonders if this guy is the next Cousteau or a corporate-sponsored hype machine.

Abe Streep
Jan 30, 2015

The Belgian Prince Taking Bullets to Save Gorillas

This Friday, Netflix releases Virunga, a documentary thriller about the fight to save the mountain gorillas of Congo’s Virunga National Park. We talked with warden Emmanuel de Merode on what it feels like to be shot while defending the most dangerous wilderness on earth.

Abe Streep
Nov 5, 2014

How to Reboot Your Career

Five business icons share how they flipped the switch on their careers—and how you can follow in their footsteps.

Abe Streep
Oct 1, 2014

Travel Pros' Best Advice

They've put in the time up in the air, and some of them tell others how to see the world for a living. We asked them: What's the one piece of travel advice everyone should know?

Abe Streep
Sep 9, 2014

The New Hacks of Travel

We polled an all-star team of experts and adventurers to put together our new rules of travel—all the airfare tips and digital tricks that make getting out there easier than ever.

Abe Streep
Sep 8, 2014