James Nestor

James Nestor


The Freedivers Who Eavesdrop on Whales

It's not easy to swim with sperm whales: they're hard to find, hard to reach without adequate diving experience, and they just might swallow you up if you get too close. But how else are we going to...

James Nestor
Jun 23, 2014

History's Most Insane Around-the-World Adventure

In 1950, a young Australian mining engineer named Ben Carlin set out to do the impossible: circumnavigate the globe, by land and sea, in a single vehicle. In Half-Safe, the latest story from The...

James Nestor
Dec 21, 2012

Open Your Mouth and You're Dead

The freediving world championships occur at the outer limits of competitive risk. ­During the 2011 event, held off the coast of Greece, more than 130 athletes assembled to swim hundreds of feet...

James Nestor
Jan 25, 2012

Citizen Philanthropy

What charities should you give to this holiday season? Outside Magazine reviews the top 30 charities you can trust.

Kate Siber, The Editors, James Nestor, Scott Carney, William Wheeler, Michael McRae, Tracy Ross, and Alex Heard
Nov 1, 2011

The Outer Limits of Human Performance

A look at the outermost limits of human performance, from the fastest marathon and longest swim to smokingest fastball and deepest freedive.

Cole Louison, Grayson Schaffer, Whitney Spivey , James Nestor, Kyle Dickman, and Abe Streep
Apr 15, 2011

Tasty Freeze

Norway is home to some big, beautiful waves, but there's a catch: They're above the Arctic Circle. To test the chilly waters, Outside sent a crack expedition team whose members came back with ice-...

James Nestor
Jan 5, 2010

Tough Break

Restrictions on personal watercraft threaten California's baddest wave

James Nestor
Mar 23, 2007