W. Hodding Carter

The Outside Guide to Love

How to find a partner who shares your passion for living bravely, build a relationship fueled by adventure, and keep happiness alive through kids, career changes, and really bad wipeouts

How to Raise an Outside Kid

W. Hodding Carter, Jack Hitt, and Anthoy Doerr look back on their attempts to raise kids who love the outdoors.

57 Feet & Rising

When the biggest floods in 75 years rolled down the Lower Mississippi, three river rats couldn't resist putting in. The result: an epic 300-mile canoe journey filled police boats, deadly whirlpools,...

Martin Strel

Glorious Bastard: Martin Strel

He's kinda fat and more than a little rude (and he drinks like a fish). But long-distance swimmer Martin Strel has become the world's most unlikely philanthropist—out to save the world...

Memo to Michael Phelps

Nice job in China, guy. Now could you turn your attention to saving swimming?

W. Hodding Carter

The 40-Year-Old Virgin Swimmer

In a (completely misguided) bid to make the 2008 Olympic team, ex-NCAA swimmer W. HODDING CARTER is training like he did in college. And that means spring break. Only this time our party frogman is...

Without a Paddle

Journey with us through the watery heart of the largest subtropical wetlands in America: the Everglades. Why? Because it's there—or used to be.

Knock on Wood

Armed with audiovisual firepower, a squadron of bird geeks chases the one that got away

outside outside magazine outside online my son the manatee w hodding carter melbourne manatee marine mammals australia adopt a manatee

My Son, the Manatee

When you adopt a member of a subtropical endangered species, you do what any good parent would: Get yourself down to Florida, and make sure Junior's all right.

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