Bob Friel

Bob Friel


Orcas in the Mist

We’ve declared the orcas national and regional treasures, bestowed upon them our strongest protections, yet we continue to kill them.

The Vanishing

In the stunning and remote wilderness along northern British Columbia’s Highway 16, at least 18 women—by some estimates, many more—have gone missing over the past four decades. After years of...

Game Over

In 2009, Outside readers met Colton Harris-Moore, a smart, slippery teenager who became notorious for stealing cars, boats, and planes in the Pacific Northwest. The climax came a year later, when...

The Ballad of Colton Harris-Moore

In the Northwest's San Juan Islands, best known for killer whales and Microsoft retirees, a teen fugitive has made a mockery of local authorities, allegedly stealing cars, taking planes for joy­rides...