Steven Kotler

Steven Kotler


Animal Rescue

Sick Puppies

Running a DIY dog-rescue operation is never easy, but when you've got two dozen misfit animals under your care, you need a way to let off steam.

Fast Food Nation

Food Fighter

In his brazen adaptation of the bestseller Fast Food Nation, Richard Linklater looks to jolt America out of its quickie-burger habit with a tale of tainted meat


Brisk Bliss

FOR CENTURIES, Eastern mystics have prescribed meditation as one-stop shopping for all that ails you. And Western researchers have been proving them right, showing that it can boost memory,...

Monterey Academy Research System

No Man's Land

So far, scientists studying the deep sea have gathered mere snapshots of the largest ecosystem on earth. Submarines and unmanned submersibles—for the past 20 years the vanguard of oceanography...

Gold Digs

A new class of hotels pitches boutique offerings to thrill-seeking hipsters