Stephanie Gregory

Stephanie Gregory


Into the Flow Zone

Go overboard this summer on 32 of North America's wildest waterways

Peter Heller, David Cates, Stephanie Gregory, Cristina Opdahl, Sam Moulton, Philip D. Armour, and Tom Bie
Jul 1, 2001

Poisonous Snakes

Do the Most Poisonous Snakes Have Mouths Too Small to Bite Us?

Stephanie Gregory
May 1, 2001

The Wild File

Q: How do woodpeckers avoid brain damage after hitting their heads against trees all day? —Jan Nessett, Somers, Montana A: "The bottom line," says Walter Bock, a Columbia University professor...

Stephanie Gregory
Jan 9, 2001

Red Hot Chile

The skinny on rough-hewn adventure in the long, tall land that has it all: from deserts and salt beds to glaciers and geysers

Stephanie Gregory
Oct 1, 2000

Big-Wave Surfing Hitches a Ride

A noisy controversy roils the quest to catch the big one

Alex Salkever, Mike Randolph, Anne Goodwin Sides, Stephanie Gregory, Jeff Hull, and Pete Taylor
May 1, 2000

Custom-Fit Camping

Sometimes you feel like Thoreau. Sometimes you don't. Sometimes you go gourmet. Sometimes you eat gorp. Whichever way you tend, be it spartan of luxe, long-haul or short, we've done your scouting for...

Bill McKibben, Stephanie Gregory, Rob Story, Tom Chaffin, Mark Jenkins, and Mike Steere
Apr 1, 2000

Trip-Finder Africa

From trekking across a lava desert in Iceland to climbing the snow-capped Cordillera Blanca, we've got the scoop on the 102 finest outfitted adventures available. (Africa)

Stephanie Gregory
Jan 1, 2000

Wish You Were Here

A much-traveled novelist and adventurer issues a challenge to seek out the wildest places imaginable.

Kate Wheeler, Stephanie Gregory, Kimberly Lisagor, and Mike Kessler
Jan 1, 2000

The Big Wide Empty

Way, way out in the land of powder, the cornices are steeper, the trails go deeper, and the crowds are nonexistent. Where is this mythical kingdom, you ask? Right here in North America.

Florence Williams, Marc Peruzzi, Stephanie Gregory, Mike Finkel, Bob Carman, and Jeff Galbraith
Nov 1, 1999