Bruce McCall

Devil's Dictionary

By Marshall Sella BEFORE HE VANISHED in Mexico in 1914, never to be heard from again, the formidable writer Ambrose Bierce, whose short stories often explored themes of horror and death, cobbled...


What Scares Me

Thirteen otherwise courageous writers reveal their deepest, darkest fears in our homage to the creepy, crawly, menacing world of phobias. Prepare to squirm.

Mr. Bush Has a Dream

Hello, this is your President talking. Have I got an environmental plan for you!

Outfoxing the Post-Y2K Apocalypse

Can you say "Survival of the Dumbest"? Sure you can! It's our special Y2K Panic Preview: Learn not just to live through but to thrive amid the collapse of civilization.

News in a New Way

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