Bruce McCall

Lima Beans

One man trembles before the sinister legume.

Mission #4: 2027: Mars, Ho!

When we finally knocked off Olympus Mons, the highest peak in the solar system, it took a million small steps...and one giant leap in rocket shoes

Mission #4: 2027: Mars, Ho! (Cont.)

ROCKET SHOES GOT US UP the sheer 10,000-foot basal cliff that surrounds Olympus Mons in minutes. Didn't need those portaledges stuck on the cliffside, and just as well. The suction cups that held...

Mr. Bush Has a Dream

Hello, this is your President talking. Have I got an environmental plan for you!

Outfoxing the Post-Y2K Apocalypse

Can you say "Survival of the Dumbest"? Sure you can! It's our special Y2K Panic Preview: Learn not just to live through but to thrive amid the collapse of civilization.