Tom Byrnes

Tom Byrnes


Think Naked

Nudists seem to have cornered the market on what was left of the island's unspoiled places. Since hanging out au naturel remains just outlaw enough to require some privacy, these folks have...

Tom Byrnes
Nov 4, 2013

Sirens of the South Pacific

Dreaming of Oceania's island paradise? Here's how to feed your fantasy.

Jeff Hull, Sarah Friedman, and Tom Byrnes
Jan 1, 2003

Mexican Hat Trick

A world-class mountain biking, surfing, and boardsailing hideout awaits in Baja. All you have to do is find it.

Tom Byrnes
Jan 1, 2002

Cached Pow

Hike, Drive, or Hop to AK's Hidden Stash

Tom Byrnes
Dec 3, 2001

Life is Way, Way More than a Beach

Destinations Special, Outside magazine, February 2001: Wild Caribbean

Susan Enfield Esrey, Bucky McMahon, Kent Black, Nancy Zimmerman, Michael DeFreita, Tom Byrnes, and Carol Greenhouse
Feb 1, 2001

Ripping the Tide

On Alaska's most dangerous body of water, a rugged band of sailors lives to sail—and to tell about it

Tom Byrnes, Nate Hoogeveen, and Jimmy Langman
Jun 1, 2000