Jack Turner

Jack Turner


Adrenaline Nation

Time to tune up that garageful of gear (we don't mean lawn chairs) and devote your next outing to full-throttle fun.

Lindsay Yaw, Kate Siber, Tim Neville, and Jack Turner
Jan 4, 2006

The Solitary Way

Sure, it's lonely out there. (And if trouble strikes, you're on your own.) But the mind-clearing rewards of solo adventure, says veteran mountain guide JACK TURNER, make all the risks worthwhile.

Jack Turner
Apr 1, 2003

Elimination Bout

A Wyoming mountain guide sounds off on a famous Teton toilet and the politics of packing it all out

Jack Turner
Jan 9, 2002

The Solace of Wilderness

An ardent defender of wilderness reflected on the solace of the mountains and nature in difficult times. He wrote this after 9/11, but the sentiment applies now, too, as we watch the world changing...

Jack Turner
Jan 1, 2002