William T. Vollmann

William T. Vollmann


The California Lake Killing Everything Around It

I would ride the New River from its source in Mexico to the Salton Sea, which I'd never heard of anybody doing. How navigable the river was, how dangerous or disgusting, not a soul could tell.

William T. Vollmann
Jan 2, 2002

Tough Trips Guide

It's time you became the hero of your own high-adventure story. Time you put your courage to the test and proved you've got what it takes to frolic in the world's most fearsome places. We'll provide...

Tim Neville, William T. Vollmann, Eric Hansen, Peter Stark, Marc Peruzzi, Holly Morris, Mark Jenkins, Christopher Keyes, and Denis Johnson
Jun 1, 2000

The Very Short History of Nunavut

Come celebrate the birth of a vast new territory in Canada's frozen north, where the Inuit people have been restored to leadership in their homeland. Now, only one thing is certain in the land of the...

William T. Vollmann
Jul 1, 1999