Steven Threndyle

Steven Threndyle


Tour de France Tech

From drool-worthy carbon-fiber bikes to state-of-the-art power meters, the Tour de France is a movable feast of cycling technology.

Steven Threndyle
Jun 30, 2015

Rising Star

NAME: Sean Isaac[sidebar img=1468276 | hed=]Isaac ascends Caveman near Haffner Creek, Alberta.[/sidebar] AGE: 29 GIG: Mixed climbing SPECIALTY: Cave roofs and frozen waterfalls HOMETOWN: Canmore,...

Steven Threndyle
Jan 3, 2002

The New Alpinists

Using cutting-edge techniques, three young mavericks set out to tackle one of the hardest routes in the Himalayas

Eric Hansen, Misty Blakesley, Michelle Pentz, Bruce Barcott, Charles Montgomery, Steven Threndyle, Ted Katauskas, John Wilcockson, Mark Schrope, and Tim Neville
Oct 1, 2000