Cristina Opdahl

Cristina Opdahl


Escape urban gridlock in West Virginia, where country roads and mountain mamas are only a fraction of the attraction

Cristina Opdahl
Oct 1, 2003

To film Valhalla, the cinemaniacs at Teton Gravity research went to great lengths—of rope, that is

Cristina Opdahl
Apr 1, 2002

Paddlers Who Set the High-Water Mark

Cristina Opdahl
Jan 4, 2002

Go overboard this summer on 32 of North America's wildest waterways

Peter Heller, David Cates, Stephanie Gregory, Cristina Opdahl, Sam Moulton, Philip D. Armour, and Tom Bie
Jul 1, 2001

Struck by an urge to leap off a tall building? Pack your chute and head for Malaysia.

Carol Greenhouse, Jason Paur, Cristina Opdahl, Rob Buchanan, and Joe Ashbrook Nickell
Jan 8, 2001

There's nothing more all-American than a long summer road trip—except maybe a long summer road trip sponsored by a kayak company. Meet the hard-drivin', trick-huckin', heart-throbbin' river punks that may just turn freestyle kayaking into whitewater's answer to snowboarding.

Cristina Opdahl
Aug 1, 2000