Neal Thompson

I'm With Stupid

Brothers Tom (the good son) and Jerry (the bad seed) are about to join their fellow flatlanders for a zero-to-60 weekend of skiing and snowboarding at a skyscraping resort two miles above sea level....

Blue Byways

Looping through Appalachia on a four-state spin

A Club to Call Your Own

Most decent-size towns should have at least one club in your chosen sport; find one by asking around at sport shops or do an Internet search. Still can't find what you're looking for? Rally other...

Strength in Numbers

Are your workouts an exercise in solitary refinement? Supercharge your performance with a little help from your friends.

Those In the Know, Doze

WHEN TO EXERCISE: If possible, save your outdoor exercise for late morning or early afternoon. That's when muscles are more responsive and adrenaline levels higher, while the sunlight will delay...