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Dan Oko

Dan Oko


A decade of research reveals that creatine is the real deal—but watch your step when tempted by other supplements making big promises

Dan Oko
Mar 2, 2012

Dan Oko
Feb 18, 2009

The top ten adventures on the subcontinent

Lolly Merrell, Victor Paul Borg, Smita Paul, Aaron Gulley, Dan Oko, and Kimberly Brown Seely
Oct 27, 2006

Welcome to the anti-Himalayas, a happy land of sunshine, frothy water, and extra-large boulders

Dan Oko
Aug 1, 2004


Katie Arnold, Dan Oko, Kimberly Lisagor, Ted Stedman, Amy Marr, Wendy Knight, Janine Sieja, Sarah Max, and Steven Rinella
Jan 15, 2004

Dan Oko
Jul 1, 2002

Hydration systems for guzzling on the go

Dan Oko
Aug 1, 2001