Dan Strumpf

Dan Strumpf


Adventure Rock

What do Sheryl Crow and a 22,000-gallon wave pool have in common? They're both going on tour this summer with the Jeep World Outside Festival, a first-of-a-kind union between a major popular music...

Backstage Pass

August 15, 2002 So what happens when the summer's biggest tour lands in the New York City? Concertgoers cut loose, the trials bikers reinvent their show, and someone gets engaged on stage. It's just...


August 8, 2002 Towering 40 feet above the adventure village, Huck Mountain is one of the most impressive and imposing attractions at the Jeep World Outside Festival. But as remarkable as the giant...

One Crazy Summer

August 22, 2002 After a long and exciting summer, the Jeep World Outside Festival, which brought both outdoor adventure and rock and roll to people across the country, has come to an end.[sidebar img...

Coming on Strong

He's no Lance (yet), but former U.S. Postal rider Levi Leipheimer has won the right to lead Rabobank, one of Europe's fastest squads

So Much More than Music

July 12, 2002 April McKeen had a lot of questions. Should she ski first and then kayak, or maybe hit the bike track and then cool off in the scuba pool? When did the ski jump exhibition start and...

Colorado Rocks

The Jeep World Outside Festival visits the rain-soaked grounds of Winter Park

Festival Fitness

World-class athletes are forced to get inventive to stay in shape as the Jeep World Outside Festival rocks on to Seattle