Hal Espen

Hal Espen


The Hardest They Come

Our former editor on finding the embodiment of the unkillable idea of literate badass adventure

Hal Espen
Sep 15, 2017

In the Spirit of Peter Matthiessen

There were stormy moments during the legendary author's long relationship with Outside, but nobody was more influential in shaping our vision of what adventure writing could achieve.

Hal Espen
May 9, 2014

Africa Now

Peter Stark, Hal Espen, Ted Botha, and H. Thayer Walker
Jan 4, 2007

So it's a vast, faraway adventure mecca,no worries, mate! Here come ten abso-bloody-lutely awesome Australian odysseys—from Sydney to the bush—plus locals' picks and all the beta you need to get there.

Hal Espen, Tony Perrottet, Laurel Miller, Adam Skolnick, Daniel Duane, and Stephanie Pearson
Nov 1, 2005

As he rolls for number seven, wrap your mind around the life and legacy and farewell Tour de France of Lance Armstrong—hero, dad, six-time King of the World, rock-star arm candy, and (sometime after '06) the next! governor! of Texas!

Hal Espen
Jul 1, 2005


Hal Espen
Jun 14, 2005

Survival and Wilderness Skills

Cameron Walker, John Bradley, Hal Espen, and Grayson Schaffer
Apr 1, 2004

War, terror, and SARS are keeping millions of travelers at home. Sounds like it's time to plan an adventure.

Hal Espen
Jan 7, 2003

Go Get Drenched

Bucky McMahon, John Hildebrand, Ann Vanderhoof, Christopher Shaw, Stephanie Gregory, John Jerome, Peter Taylor, and Hal Espen
May 30, 2001

Inside the high-risk Hollywood quest to bring Sebastian Junger's true-life thriller to the screen

Hal Espen
Jun 1, 2000