Ryan Brandt

Use the Prevent Defense

Your core means your abs, right? Wrong, says Mark Verstegen, author of the new Core Performance book series (Rodale) and founder of the Athletes' Performance institutes, where pros like Detroit...

Back Injury Prevention

Work Smarter

Corporate suits may pretend otherwise, but evolution didn't prepare us for sitting in front of a computer ten hours a day. Your spine faces its highest daily load when you're sitting, and if...

Back Pain Relief

Find Your Fix

If you suffer from chronic back pain, you're probably willing to try anything for a cure. But in the growing field of alternative medicine, you'll likely struggle when distinguishing sound...

Owner’s Manual: Your Back

The Spinal Frontier

Rule number one for total physical fitness? Where your back goes, all else follows. Keep yours in top shape with our guide to strength, flexibility, and injury treatment.

Get a Diagnosis

Understanding what causes a sore lower back is the first step toward recovery—and prevention. Here are the most common injuries.

Rapid Rewards

No time? No equipment? No excuses. Our experts kick your training into overdrive with customized 30-minute workouts for every harried athlete.

Virtually Fit

What happens when training goes digital? Your workouts get real.

Worldwide Workout

With these online programs, you get customized exercise plans delivered straight to your inbox—and a personal trainer who's only a click away

Plug 'N' Play

Put a coach in your iPod, a heart-rate sensor in your shirt, and more

Your Gym Has Clean Sheets

Want a spin bike delivered to your room? Get that and more with our guide to staying fit on the road.

Fitter, Quicker

No matter how cramped your schedule or room is, Calgary-based exercise physiologist Michael Bracko bets you'll have 15 minutes before breakfast and dinner and a few square feet of personal space on...