Craig Vetter

Craig Vetter


A Float Through The Big Unblemished

Like the sheep-eaters before us, basking in the smudge-free, high-country luxury of the nation's longest free-flowing river

Craig Vetter
May 2, 2004


The Outside 25 All-Stars

John Brant, Rob Buchanan, Jonathan Hanson, Nick Heil, Brad Wetzler, Florence Williams, Elizabeth Royte, Karen Karbo, Bruce Barcott, Peter Heller, Rob Story, and Craig Vetter
Dec 1, 2000

Terminal Velocity

Call it inevitable that Dan Osman found the fatal edge of his signature sport, a thing known as "free-falling." But were his leaps of faith—and thus his sad death—as profound as he imagined? Or just a stunt taken to foolish extremes?

Craig Vetter
Apr 1, 1999