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Karl Taro Greenfeld

Karl Taro Greenfeld


I'll give to a good cause, I promise. Just as soon as Daryl Hannah shuts up.

Karl Taro Greenfeld
Mar 23, 2007

When did the realm of adventure and wilderness travel become Madison Avenue's favorite image bank? A traverse across advertising's new frontier.

Karl Taro Greenfeld
Dec 1, 1999

Adjustment in Midflight

The legend says Terje Haakonsen, snowboarding's five-time world champion, can win at will

Karl Taro Greenfeld
Feb 1, 1999

The Happiest Guy Alive

He's Rich, He's Popular, He's Good-Looking, He's Talented, He's Won a Gold Medal, He's Pretty Much Got Life Nailed. Shall we continue with the reasons Jonny Moseley is the happiest guy on earth at this moment — this ephemeral, intoxicating, telling moment?

Karl Taro Greenfeld
Sep 1, 1998