Todd Balf

Todd Balf


The Biomechatronic Man

MIT research scientist Hugh Herr lost both legs below the knee after a 1982 winter climbing ordeal. In less than a year, he hacked his prosthetics to allow him to climb again, and he went on to...

Farthest North, Byliner, Byliner Originals

Unbroken Misery in the Frozen North

By the winter of 1854, the crew of the Advance had been trapped for almost two years, their ship frozen in a bank of ice somewhere below the North Pole. Some had lost limbs to scurvy and frostbite;...

Trek's 2011 FX + WSD e-bike

Plug and Play

Can electric bikes make inroads with people who don't usually ride? Or are they doomed from the start by their hefty price tag and an elitist bike culture? Todd Balf motors the hills of San Francisco...

Grain longboards

Check Out My Wood!

How a carpentry-challenged nonsurfer built a classic wooden longboard with his own kook hands.

Mountain Biking Up Mount Washington

Tribe of Pain

Bike racing's most hellish climb isn't L'Alpe d'Huez or Mont Ventoux; it's New Hampshire's Mount Washington