Bonnie Tsui

Clockwise: a beach in Roatán; swimming with dolphins; archaeological artifacts; life underwater


Honduras has plenty of land-based offerings. But it's real draw is underwater.

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala


Learn Spanish—and set up base camp—in Antigua, Guatemala.

Snorkeling Thatch Key


Track jaguars and whales from a Caribbean eco-lodge in English-speaking Belize.


King Kauai

Lush greenery, volcanoes and an endless supply of hidden beaches.


Get Lost: Honduras

Following the military coup in Honduras this past summer, the hyper-wary U.S. State Department did what you might expect: It issued a travel alert for the country. Adventure-travel outfitters also...

Glover’s Reef Atoll, Belize

Get Lost: Paddle Belize

Yes, it's easy to get around English-speaking, dollar-accepting Belize. But the good stuff can be harder to find than you think, and sometimes it pays to turn to the experts. Take Island Expeditions...

Villas Carrizalillo

Get Lost: Surf Oaxaca

Though it's no longer a secret, Puerto Escondido, located on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca, still delivers exactly what you need on a Mexican vacation: relaxation and solitude. (Even now, there's only...

Get Lost: Bird-Dog Costa Rica

Little-known fact about Costa Rica: The country—known for being, in essence, one big West Virginia–size eco-resort—experi­ences one of the highest deforestation rates in Central America, thanks to...

La Libertad, El Salvador

Get Lost: Surf El Salvador

Surfers have a knack for scoping out adventure hot spots, and El Salvador is a great place to look: Along the La Libertad coast, just 35 minutes from the capital, San Salvador, small lodges are...

Finca Esperanza Verde ecolodge

Get Lost: Catch a Buzz in Nicaragua

Travel agents like to paint Nicaragua as the next Costa Rica, a volcano-studded landscape full of cloudforests and glassy lakes. Sadly, word has gotten out, and Vegas-size developments are coming to...