Amy Marr

Spring Break: Ride Napa

Scenario: Early Spring Winter means rain in the Bay Area. But even in El Niño years, spring arrives early. And what an arrival it is—especially in Napa, the place to go for a spring break featuring...

Spring Forward

First I heard seals. Then coyotes. Then I opened my eyes to a full-frontal view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Such is life at Cavallo Point, a 46-building resort on a renovated army base in the Golden...

Tomales Bay California at dusk

Moon Paddle

TOMALES BAY, CALIFORNIA - It wouldn't be hard to miss the coastal village of Marshall, an hour north of San Francisco on Highway 1—only 100 or so people live here, and the place looks kind of scrappy...

How the West Was Wined

Napa's knack for producing world-class vintages has spilled across the Left Coast. Raise a toast to five getaways that mix bucolic adventure by day with fine wine by night.

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Get It While It's Haute

Put a new twist on the dine-and-dash experience with inspired cuisine, grandiose settings, and your own personal pilot

Esperanza Resort

Hot Properties

From a desert oasis to high-mountain thermal springs, these ten atmospheric getaways cut the winter chill.


The Greeks, who established colonies here, thought gods lived in the Apennine mountains. Today Basilicata, which borders Puglia to the west and forms Italy's instep, is the country's poorest region...

Head over Heel

On the southern end of Italy's boot—Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, and the island of Sicily—you'll fall in love with the creamy gelato, unspoiled beaches, and the rhythms of a simpler life


Puglia (pronounced POOL-ya), Italy's solid heel, hardly resembles the rest of the country. Facing the Adriatic Sea—which changes from teal to steel to peacock by the minute—the flat eastern...



On my first visit to Calabria, five years ago, I'd arranged to stay at a farmhouse ringed by bergamot orchards and hills. When I saw how isolated the place was, I wondered if I might get lonely....



My Italian is good enough for me to know that the desk clerk was promising the six trails around Eremo della Giubiliana were well marked. And I know she said that all but two of them were fine for a...

Access and Resources

Alitalia (800-223-5730, flies nonstop to Rome from JFK and Newark for about $790. From Rome, Alitalia has several daily flights to Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, and Sicily; Europcar...