Jonathan Waldman

Jonathan Waldman


The Cutting Edge II

Land Shark

What do you get when you combine an obscure speed contest, some scrap aerospace material, and one very obsessed California engineer? A bike that can push 80 miles per hour. Behold the Cutting Edge II...

Amanda Beard

Skin to Win

The new rule for performance swimwear: More is less—less drag, less turbulence, and less time to the finish line. At this summer's Athens Games, 75 percent of all swimmers will get hydro-dynamic...

Tour de France Eddy Merckx

Living Legends

Eddy Merckx (Belgium) [sidebar img= | hed=Tour de France 2004]CLICK HERE for Outside’s Guide to the 2004 Tour de France, follow the race July 3-25 with our SPECIAL ONLINE COVERAGE.[/sidebar][...