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The Ultimate Lung-Busting Stadium Workout

The stadium is where athletes are humbled and beaten down in competition. When it comes to training, the stadium—no matter the sport, no matter the size—may also be the place to kick your own butt.

Learn How to Fight and You'll Know How to Sprint

The first time I took a boxing lesson—with a real fighter, one who lost to a young Mike Tyson in the Olympic trials—he outfitted me in gloves and headgear, then gave me the first lesson: “Boxing is...

Ditch Your Training Plan Once a Week

There’s a lot of value to adding controlled chaos and unpredictability to your workout. By mixing in speed, strength, balance, endurance, and agility into one session, you’re better simulating...

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Sandbag Your Workout for Maximum Strength

Strength training will make you better by helping you go faster, longer, or higher, and the best way to achieve it is just to move around. Fire your core with the simplest hardware store tools around...

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Friends Don't Let Friends Work Out Alone

Not everything has to be a competition—but success is so much sweeter when it is. Just for kicks, grab two equally athletic friends and see who ends up on top in this grueling, drill-based #...

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A Lower-Body Blasting Workout

Cross-training for explosive running means more than changing activities—you need to change environments, too. To truly challenge your lower body, swap the track or trail for the basketball court and...

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The Medicine Ball Wednesday Workout

If you’re going to have just one piece of fitness equipment make it a medicine ball. Nothing provides as much versatility or challenge.

Your Wicked Wednesday Workout

In this #WickedWednesdayWorkout, you’ll work on upper- and lower-body strength and mix it in with some high-intensity spurts. In the final stretch, you’ll have to push your body when it’s already...

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A Water-Based Wicked Wednesday Workout

In this #WickedWednesdayWorkout, find a pool and you've got yourself a 15-minute resistance session that will raise your heart rate and fry your core.

The Schoolyard Secret to Staying in Shape

Fit should be synonymous with fun. So stop working out and start acting like a kid again. With help from fitness experts, pro athletes, and groundbreaking coaches, we'll show you how playing your...

What Is Fit?

As if all the hype about "natural male enhancement" weren't enough of a challenge to men's self-confidence, a recent study at the University of Central Florida found that ads featuring muscle-bound...

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