Sally Schumaier

Sally Schumaier


Costa Rica

Tropical Bounty

With 25 national parks, 815 miles of coastline, and thousands of wildlife species, Costa Rica is indeed a rich coast. Experience it all with these seven sea-to-jungle family adventures.

Brandy Armstrong

Feel the Heat

Three months of pure freedom. You're loving it—and we are, too. From big water to big walls, from oyster stands to dune shacks, fifty-one sunny ways to dive in when the mercury rises.

Little Palm Island

Water Beds

Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, Fl[sidebar img=1480176 | hed=Little Palm Island]FLY IN, BOAT OUT: Little Palm from your taxi window[/sidebar] This 28-bungalow retreat is as off the grid as it...

Eco-friendly Living

The Axis of Eco

Earth-friendly cool is everywhere, from Hollywood and innovative building design to hybrid cars and candy bars. You live, breathe, and play green already—so why not come full circle by bringing...

Fresh Tracks

Hard Rock Scotland With 54,000 square feet of NATURAL ROCK CLIFFS in the Ratho Quarry and 27,000 square feet of INDOOR CLIMBING (which includes a 60-foot competition wall, overhangs, a BOULDERING...

Caribbean Ruins

License to Chill

Ten handpicked resorts that are rich in sun-drenched beauty, high on adventure, and fine-tuned for luxury.

The Gear Guy's Favorite Things

In the nearly 30 years I've been hiking, biking, skiing, climbing, and kayaking, I've gone through a lot of gear. Most of it has been pretty good (like my Eureka Sentinel tent of a dozen...


Here's the Beef

Fresh Tracks

ALPINE GOES ONLINE The American Alpine Club launches into 2004 with complete online access to its catalog of more than 18,000 books, journals, guides, and videos. At the click of a mouse, members and...