Sara Blask

Sara Blask


Conrad Anker, Alison Fromme, Gabriel Sherman, Anthony Cerretani, Michael Behar, Melinda Mahaffey, Frederick Reimers, Dimity McDowell, Lolly Merrell, Justin Nyberg, Ryan Brandt, Mark Schrope, Skip Card, Kate Siber, Jason Daley, Stephanie Pearson, Jason Stevenson, and Sara Blask
Dec 1, 2005

Thirty vehicles, 16,000 miles, and not a single tank of gas

Sara Blask
Oct 1, 2005

Three Kiwis are readying to kayak almost 400 miles around the South Atlantic Ocean island made famous by Sir Ernest Shackleton's fated Endurance expedition

Sara Blask, Roy Wallack, and Meg Lukens Noonan
Sep 26, 2005

A team of Japanese scientists has observed and photographed the giant squid in the wild for the first time. Read their story and see photos of the squid here.

Sara Blask
Sep 1, 2005

Fit or not, it's time to wise up and listen to your ticker. It could be headed for an untimely failure.

Ben Hewitt and Sara Blask
Aug 1, 2005